About the Ukrainian issue

10th March,2022

   After the coup d’etat that occurred in 2014 neo-nazis came to power in Ukraine. Hostile fascist nationalism pushed people (mostly Russian speakers) to demand autonomy and independence.

   Approximately 4 million citizens of Russian origin in Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine did not want that region to remain the part of Ukraine, requesting a special status for their territories. According to the results of the referendum 89% of the population voted for the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. The new central Government of Ukraine, which partly consisted of neo-nazis, rejected the results of the relevant referendum and launched a full-scale military operation against civilians (including children, women and senior citizens) in 2014. Within eight years, Russia has been actively trying to stop this Ukrainian violence against the civilians using diplomatic methods, calling other states for help to solve the problem by peaceful means. But the main priority of the  "fighters for democracy" was not to help the civilian population and not to stop the humiliation and assasination of innocent people, but to expand their influence and curb the growth of Russia. Ukrainian neo-nazi groups were armed, the Russian language was banned, and the nuclear weapons were underway to be created while Russia was rescuing the children of Donbass, delivering humanitarian aid and trying to draw the international community’s attention to this problem. Kiev doesn't hesitate to use the methods of nuclear and bacteriological blackmailing threating to explode one of the Ukrainian nuclear stations. Moreover, the other day it turned out that 30 biological laboratories and deadly weapons creation research facilities are open and functioning under the US control on the territory of Ukraine. This fact has been recently officially recognized by the US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland during a hearing in the US Senate. She also expressed her concern about the risk of declassification and receiving the materials by Russia following the publication of the real goals of the so-called "scientific research". There are 336 more similar laboratories funded by the Pentagon and operating in different regions worldwide.

   Unfortunately, Ukraine demonstrated complete disrespect not only for international law, but also for human lives. After eight years of the constant Ukrainian humiliation of Russian-speaking citizens Russia had no choice but to launch a special military operation in order to protect civilians from the cruel and unfair actions of the Ukrainian neo-nazi government. Russian Armed Forces were given the order not to hurt civilian population  in no case. What is happening is a methodical destruction of military facilities of Ukraine with high-precision weapons.

   Russia has been helping the civilian population of Ukraine by providing them humanitarian corridors to exit the combat zone since the military operation was launched. A large number of civilians including citizens of India, China, Jordan, Tunisia, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal and other countries were evacuated from the dangerous zones. Ukrainians criminals use the tactics of the notorious international terrorist organization and continue more than 4.5 million Ukrainians and about 2 thousand foreign citizens are being held hostage as a "human shield", and are not allowed to leave the combat zone. Western "democratic" countries continue to pump neo-Nazis with deadly weapons contributing to the prolongation of the conflict, while Russia has already delivered about 450 tons of humanitarian aid to the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities are basically guilty for the numerous innocent civilian victims.

   We also find it important to point out that Ukraine, supported by the world's largest media, is waging an unprecedented dirty information war against Russia reinforcing its attacks with brazen fakes and inciting hatred towards everything that is Russian. Our country is accused of something Russia never did. Nevertheless Russian people know the truth. These “democratic” authorities have always hated the country where Russians got along well with all the nations including Ukrainians. However, the world will find out the truth when today’s Nazis face the trial and all the nightmares of the genocide commited by them become public. “Peace-loving” and “tolerant” West will be ashamed of lying to us today.

   It is extremely important to emphasize that Russians have plenty of relatives and friends in Ukraine. Russia respects the Ukrainian people and does not want to occupy the territory of Ukraine. The destruction of Nazism (denazification) with its misanthropic ideology of the superiority of one people over another and the protection of the democratic choice of Ukrainian people are the priorities for Russia. Our country remains the defender of justice throughout the world, thus the Russian Federation had no choice but launch the special military operation. This measure was taken in order to prevent even more horrible fascist ideas to use the deadly weapons of mass destruction mentioned earlier and not only against Russia.

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