Russian Language Courses in Nepal

23rd September,2018

Russian is a beautiful language spoken by more than 250 million people and is one of 7 official international languages of UN.

Russian language in Nepal is very popular not only for students who want to go for higher study in Russia but also for businessmen, tourist guides, etc. Russian Language courses at RCSC at present are the only reputed institution in Nepal where people can gain the knowledge of the state standard of Russian Federation Russian as a foreign language.

Methodical cabinet of Russian Language
Russian Language classes at Russian Centre of Science & Culture have officially started along with the establishment of RCSC since 1979. Its main aim is to provide quality education. Russian language courses of RCSC in Kathmandu running various activities including teaching-learning Russian language courses of three different levels, participating in various cognitive, educational, cultural, social, scientific, business and other programs.

Various programs, like open classes, lectures, film shows, interactive programs, round tables etc. are being organized not only in RCSC but in local academic institutions like universities, colleges and schools. Furthermore, it conducts various outreach programs out of the valley as well.

The Russian language course is a comprehensive program that provides a complete and continuous cycle of learning the Russian language, starting with learning the basics of the Russian language and to study higher levels of vocabulary and grammar.

We have a methodical cabinet equipped with the latest toolkits and training materials in Russian language, dictionaries, literature on the culture and history of Russia used in the classroom. Methodical cabinet is equipped with modern mobile language laboratory, computer equipment and an extensive database of the latest methodological developments and linguistic materials on electronic media.

Upon graduation students who successfully pass the exam, a certificate is issued.

Russian Language courses run 1-2 programs each month as a regular basis where it can be educational open classes, exhibition or film shows, which is related with the particular occasion of that month.

In addition to all of these events each year specifically celebrated are the Day of Russian language, Slavonic Literature Day, the Russian Day of knowledge and many more. Additionally held events dedicated to prominent figures of science, culture and literature, memorable and important dates in the history of Russia.

Level of Courses

At present Russian Language Courses has three different levels:
a) Elementary Level (Duration: 65 hours). 

This course is designed for candidates starting to improve in basics of daily uses.

  1. Lead-in phonetic course and the study of primary grammar.
  2. Introduction to the Russian culture and traditions.
  3. Be able to speak on different topics, such as About Family, At The Market, At The Airport and other trough learning different models.

b) Basic Level (Duration: 65 hours). 

This course is designed for candidates to improve at least at household level.

  1. Developing skills of Russian phonetics and grammar.
  2. Developing skills of writing, speaking, listening, reading and translation.
  3. Be able to speak more deeply in Russian through learning not only models but also getting more knowledge about society, culture, literature.  

c)  Advanced Level (Duration: 65 hours).

This course is designed for candidates graduating from elementary and basic   course, and also for those who are already fluent in Russian to a sufficient degree or at        the household level.

  1. The course includes a detailed study of Russian grammar.
  2. Special attention is given to the expansion of vocabulary.
  3. Advanced Course Russian phonetics and grammar.
  4. Developing skills of writing, speaking, listening, reading and translation.
  5. Geography and Russian literature.
  6. Be able to speak fluently in Russian in different topics.

Except these courses, we offer for the candidates:
 d) Individual and
 e) Special short period courses.

Every month Russian Centre of Science and Culture announces new admission in Language Courses for the candidates willing for:

-    Self study;
-    Higher studies in Russia and other CIS countries;
-    Tourist Guides and Tour Operators handling Russian tourists coming to Nepal;
-    Businessmen 

Contact information:

Tel.: 977-01-4416650 (Reception)