Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in Kathmandu was established in 1979. It is now the representative wing of the Federal Agency of Commonwealth of the Independent State Affairs, compatriots living abroad and the International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) of the government of the Russian Federation in Moscow to strengthen that relationship in cultural and scientific sectors. The RCSC acts as a bridge to promote people to people relationship between Russia and Nepal through collaborative and cooperative engagement in the field of science, culture and education.

    Large number of Nepali studied engineering, medicine and many more other realm of studies. Many of them are working various leading institution of Nepal. So far, RCSC has been sending many Nepalese students to Russian Federation for higher education under scholarship as well as self-finance basis.

    Needless to say that, the development of culture and art is the reflection of the civilization. To reveal these factors in real life situation, RCSC in Kathmandu has been conducting enormous activities in the field of art, culture and literature and hence has been developed mutual cooperation and strengthened bilateral relationship between our two countries. RCSC in Kathmandu has significant role to ensure effective functioning of Russian language support environment among Russian compatriots living in Nepal, as a basis for conservation and development of their cultural and professional connection with their homes.

    Many activities have been accomplished with the cooperation of its partner organization including Nepal-Russia Friendship Association, Nepal-Russia Cultural Association, Nepal-Russia Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mitrakunj, Shailee Theater, Nepal-Russia Literary Association and many others like minded institutions.

    The RCSC's activities has always been supported and observed by high level dignitaries of Nepal including that of President, Vice-president, Prime Minister, Ministers, and other prominent Nepalese leaders with their active presence and participation. The Centre has gained popularity among citizens of Nepal particularly in Kathmandu Valley as a bridge of friendship between the peoples of Nepal and Russia with two way traffic.