Alumni Association of former Soviet Union and CIS Countries “Mitra Kunj”


In 1967, ‘Mitra Kunj’ (Клуб Друзей) was established under the leadership of Mr. Nilamber Acharya. This was the first Alumni Association in Nepal. ‘Mitra’ means friend and ‘Kunj’ means hub or club. Mitra Kunj is to unite ourselves (graduates from former Soviet Union & CIS Countries) and put the knowledge in the service of the country and people as well as strengthen friendship between Nepal and the then Soviet Union.

Since 1967 to date many changes have taken place over these five decades, but Mitra Kunj has not deviated from its noble purpose. Moreover, with the growth of the numbers of the graduates from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, their contributions have grown in the nation building. Nepalese people and Government of Nepal have appreciated for their pivotal role in the development of Nepal. The contributions by Mitra Kunj members was appreciated mostly in the development of Hydropower, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Education, Infrastructure, Legal, Agriculture, Health sectors etc.

Mitra Kunj is organizing different seminars, workshops with local governmental and Nongovernment organizations in scientific and humanitarian sectors in collaboration with Alumni Associations of other countries and Soviet Graduates. Mitra Kunj is working to establish relation between Nepal and Russia in the Science and Technology sector and Knowledge management.

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Er. Mahesh Prasad Pandey


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