Lecture at a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu

16th July,2019


   Russian Centre of Science and Culture organized an outreach program at the Dharmakirti Vihar in Kathmandu on the theme “Buddhism for Peace”.

   Secretary of “Dharmakirti Vihar” handed a bouquet of flowers to the main guest of the event- Director of RCSC Yulia Androsova. The event opened with the traditional lighting of the lamp. Then, the head of the Dharma Kirti Vihar, read the five commandments – Pancha Sheel.

   Yulia Androsova gave a lecture on topic “Buddhism for Peace”, during which she said that everything should be for the sake of peace and well-being of the people of the world, no violence and threats should be in our world. She answered questions related to Buddhism and Russia. Many questions were asked about Russian Buddhists and about the attention that the Government of the Russian Federation pays to them.

   The event was attended by about 100 people. Many guests were wondering what Russia is actually doing in Lumbini and she also talked about the upcoming project for the construction of Lumbini Russian Datsana. Director of the RCSC Yulia Androsova answered in detail all the questions of interest to guests. The audience were very pleased. The views of the main guest on religion in General, and Buddhism in particular, were very close to the Nepalese Buddhist society. All spectators and organizers of the event were satisfied with the performance.

   The program was attended by journalists from some Nepalese newspapers and the Bodhi TV which is religious channel.